“From Peace Within Comes Peace With Others”, Episode #115

For centuries wise people have reminded us – or at least, tried to remind us – that it is much easier to co-create peace with others if we have peace within ourselves. One such person is my guest today, Jennifer Boyatt.

Welcome to “From Peace Within Comes Peace With Others”, Episode #115 of Co-creating Peace, a podcast about conscious communication & conflict transformation.

Jennifer Boyatt is a creative, a healer, a visionary, and a peacemaker.  She is the founder and director of the High Desert Center for Peace in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She hosts the interview event, A Conversation with Leading Peacemakers, which you can enjoy on YouTube. Jennifer writes, creates, and shares programs, writings, and videos that she hopes will bless the lives of others and help them to heal and to receive insight about living earth life with peace. Among those is Inner Peace Albuquerque, an interview series with persons who live in Albuquerque and who experience personal peace. Learn more about Jennifer and the wonderful work she is doing at: highdesertpeacecenter.org.

Highlights of our conversation include:

  • Peace is something that happens in your body.
  • The importance of self-authority when determining what role peace will have in your life.
  • Peace is holistic. Inner peace & interpersonal peace are inextricably intertwined.
  • How seeing every single person you meet as someone of worth and value to you promotes more peaceful interactions

As a reminder, Co-creating Peace now airs on the 2nd and 4th weekend of each month. I hope you’ll join me on May 13 for Episode, 116 ­– “Psychological Safety, Peace, and Human Understanding” when I’ll be joined by Stephan Wiedner, a psychological safety expert. As important as psychological safety is to supporting our ability to co-create peace with others, you won’t want to miss this dynamic conversation and the wisdom Stephan will share!