Balancing Career and Life

Simultaneously balancing our career and our personal life has become a challenge for most working professionals. Pressure to be successful in our career encourages us to do whatever it takes to make our way to the “top”, sacrificing all other aspects of life to achieve the holy grail of becoming foremost in our field. But at what cost to your physical, emotional. and spiritual well-being.

Developing a work-life balance that is harmonious is vital. We thrive personally and professionally when create balance in all areas of our life and experience the richness of a multi-dimensional lifestyle.

In this training, you will:

✓ Understand the value to you and your organization of maintaining balance
✓ Explore practical, proven tips for balancing your priorities in life
✓ Understand how setting boundaries and communication can reduce stress
✓ Learn tools to restore your sense of personal balance & nurture your well-being
✓ Begin your Personal Action Plan to work towards obtaining desired balance

This training is ideal for anyone who struggles with overwhelm, a sense of “missing out” on life, and who has the desire to live fully and in joy.

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What people say about this training:

“It was very insightful, and we walked away with some new ideas and tools.”

“I liked the strategies that are easy to implement.”

“The content and information were very informative and helpful.”

“I liked the instructors passion. She was engaging, and made me want to do better in my work/life balance.”

“The tips were realistic and actionable.”


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