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I recommend this podcast because I can get a sense of how much Kathleen believes in creating a peaceful world. Her interview style is warm, calm and inviting. You’ll find many nuggets of wisdom from her and her guests. — L. L


Kathleen is a perfectionist with regard to this podcast. You will be listening to a beautifully produced show!  — A.H.


“Truly Kathleen, it’s a remarkable piece of work  above all praise!!! Your approach to communication is really the enlightened approach.”  — T.D, Phoenix, AZ


“This podcast is wonderful. Just what I need. Thank you for sharing.”— K.T, Albuquerque, NM


“It would be real difficult for anyone not to notice your constant work to do good and support people at every level. And, for me, this is one of your very best efforts yet!”  — A.N., Hungary


“Kat!!! Such Excellent Work… much impressed with your distilled wisdom and soothing delivery… You are a great asset for helping humanity mature … BRAVO !!!” – R.R., Planet Earth

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“Why It Matters” Episode #1 of Co-creating Peace (Introduction)

This is a series about conscious communication and conflict transformation.  I’ll tell you what to expect from this podcast, why I am doing it, and why it matters. You’re also going to hear a letter seeking communication advice, and I’ll share with you the advice I have for her.

Conscious communication, as I define it is: Being mindful before we speak, of what our goal is for the outcome of each communication we embark on – especially in situations that are important to us, or to others – and thoughtfully choosing the words, timing and delivery to best accomplish that goal.

Conflict transformation – as I define it – is first and foremost seeing conflict as an opportunity – and opportunity to grow, to learn, and to co-create a better reality for everyone involved and affected by the conflict.  It is mindfully working with a conflict situation with the intention to collaborate to co-create an outcome that benefits all involved, and is to the highest good of all concerned. It is about transcending ideas of who’s right and who’s wrong, or blame and shame, and instead simply identifying what’s not working, then exploring and negotiating creative options for new dynamics that will better meet the needs of those involved and affected.

“From Conflict to Collaboration: The Art of Mediation”, Episode #136

“From Conflict to Collaboration: The Art of Mediation”, Episode #136

In this episode, I’m joined by mediator Michael Fraidenburg, co-author of the recently published book, “The Art of Mediation” to explore the transformative journey mediation offers in guiding individuals from impasse to insight. We also discuss 3 golden questions that will help you move forward, and the transformative power of the “yes, and” rule & the “good enough” standard.

“Lessons on the Road to Peace” – Episode #134

“Lessons on the Road to Peace” – Episode #134

As the world wrestles with chasms of division, John Noltner and his wife Karen, set out to traverse the American heartlands, a journey that would span 93,000 miles and countless narratives. Their quest, part of his project “A Peace of my Mind” and captured in John’s book “Lessons on the Road to Peace,” is an exploration of the threads that bind us in our shared humanity. In our conversation, John unveils the mosaic of America’s story, emphasizing the power of empathy and understanding in transcending differences.

“Peace is an Inside Job”, Episode #122

“Peace is an Inside Job”, Episode #122

Author, teacher & coach, Terre Short, shares some great insights into how we can better co-create peace by recognizing when our thoughts are going down what she calls “the yellow brick road” of negative thinking, and pivoting our thinking in a more constructive, collaborative direction.

“Ubuntu Works”, Episode #113

“Ubuntu Works”, Episode #113

Eric Sirotkin and Raphael Masesa talk about ubuntu, and age-old way of being, which recognizes that all living things are connected, and that harm to others, harms oneself while nurturing others nurtures oneself.

“Say It Now”, Episode #92

“Say It Now”, Episode #92

We’ve all heard the saying, “Timing and delivery are everything!”, and that is especially true when it comes to communication. It is so important to be mindful of not only what we want to say, but when and how. There are some messages that should be shared sooner, rather than later.

“The Impact of Trauma on Communication”, Episode #84

“The Impact of Trauma on Communication”, Episode #84

Trauma can impact our ability to effectively communicate with others in several detrimental ways. This week, Karen Robinson, social worker who specializes in trauma recovery, anxiety, and depression joins me to talk about this often-misunderstood impact of trauma and provide some helpful communication tools to assist with difficult conversations.

“The Power of the Pause” (Episode #79 Redux), Episode #111

“The Power of the Pause”, Episode #79

Every Wednesday evening at 5:00 Pacific time, I have conversations with listeners on the Wisdom App, and last week, the focus was “The Power of the Pause”. This topic was inspired by a quote from Victor Frankl. “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space, is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”.

“Teaching Leaders Peaceful Coexistence”, Episode #78

The University for Peace, also known as UPeace, is one of the best resources to gain the tools needed to become a peacemaker and to learn many of the skill needed to help bring about peaceful co-existence for our specie and for the planet. Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Julia Delafield from the Centre for Executive Education at UPeace.

“Don’t Believe Everything You Think”, Episode #135

“Honor Your Boundaries”, Episode #76

Defining our boundaries, being clear with others on what our boundaries are, and being strong in holding our boundaries are acts of love for ourself, and wisdom lessons for others.

In the case of Linda, the listener whose letters I’ll tell you about, her mother had been raised by extremely strict parents – a southern Baptist minister and his very docile wife. Linda’s mother knew nothing about having personal boundaries, so she was unable to teach Linda about boundaries, much less model for Linda how to have and hold one’s boundaries. The inability to define, articulate and hold her boundaries has caused Linda to be taken advantage of at levels that constitute abuse.

“Let’s Restart!”, Episode #75

“Let’s Restart!”, Episode #75

One of the biggest and most frustrating obstacles to resolving conflict, or even resolving our feelings about a conflict we’ve had, is when the other person won’t participate in the effort to resolve. Joining me to offer a solution to that dilemma is Louis Bourgarel, with a method of unilateral conflict resolution that he calls “Restart”.

“Pivoting Toward Inner Peace”, Episode #74

“Pivoting Toward Inner Peace”, Episode #74

There are times in our lives when we recognize that we aren’t thriving. Nothing seems to be in sync. We experience inner friction and outer friction, and no sense of real peace. In this episode, Sarah Kalmeta and I have a conversation about ways to move through and...

Part 2 of “The Practice & Practicality of Mindfulness”, Episode #72

Part 2 of “The Practice & Practicality of Mindfulness”, Episode #72

Last week, in Part 1, I spoke with Andrew Safer, founder of Safer Mindfulness Inc. He walked us through a brief mindfulness exercise & shared some insights into the practice of mindfulness. Today, Andrew & I will pick up our conversation where we left off last week and I will take you through a brief mindfulness exercise that I wrote for my Conscious Leadership class, which I call “Opening the Present”.

“Connecting Across Divides” – Episode #67

“Let’s Talk About It” – Episode #66

The difficulties we have with one another are very often the result of lack of insight and understanding. In the absence of information we make assumptions about one another – assumptions that often lead to conflict.There is a cure for this phenomenon, and that is dialogue – sitting down with one another to have conversations that help us to learn about one another at deeper levels.