A Weekend of Mindfulness

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Day 1: Conscious Living ~ A Mindful, Positive Approach

Bringing consciousness to how we approach each moment

Balancing the complexities of daily life can be overwhelming. Intermingled with all of our various relationships with other people, we have our relationship with our Self – past, present & future. Compounding the stress of our responsibilities, obligations, and the expectations of others, we have our regrets and grief about the past, our resistance to the present, and our anxieties about the future. These are the things that occupy our awareness in ways that often keep us from living consciously and in the moment, fully aware of our blessings and mindfully choosing how we will celebrate the past, engage fully in the present, and consciously create our future.

Participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of what it means to be truly mindful, and the value of being mindful in your thoughts, words & actions
  • Obtain tools you can use to achieve and maintain mindfulness in every aspect of your life
  • Gain skills to frame your experiences and understandings in a positive light and proactively transform challenges into
  • Assess your strengths, and brainstorm how to apply those “superpowers” to enhance your leadership skills
  • Learn how to apply a mindful and positive approach to your life
  • Begin to create a reality that is more joyful and fulfilling

Day 2: From Power Over to Power With ~ Bringing Mindfulness to Conflict

Conflict is often seen as a negative event where one must gain power over the “Other” and win, while the “Other” must give up their power and lose. The tragic consequences of this belief can be seen throughout our world history and often within our very families. What if conflict were seen as an opportunity to learn, to teach, and to grow? What if conflict were seen as a collaboration, rather than a competition – and “Power With” opportunity, rather than a “Power Over” battle?

Learn an enlightening, peaceful, and constructive approach to how we see and respond to conflict.

Participants will:

  • Understand how our needs drive our actions (often unconsciously), and how competing needs drive conflict.
  • Learn about the “Chain of Conflict” and how to break that chain
  • Learn to see situations and people from the “Neutral Observer” perspective
  • Learn Conscious Communication
  • Practice needs-based negotiation
  • Become familiar with how to mindfully approach conflict from a collaborative “Power With” perspective, rather than a
    competitive “Power Over” perspective

 Space is limited to 20 participants.