The Art of Empowering Feedback

Feedback, when delivered well, is a gift – an investment in a person’s evolution. Feedback, in the ideal, should be empowering and motivational. How do we to do that? Fear of the other person’s reaction often makes us vague about what’s not working. Our frustration with the other person often causes us to deliver the feedback in harsh and critical ways that are hard for the other person to hear without becoming defensive or feeling demeaned. Either way the other person doesn’t leave the conversation feeling empowered to make positive change.

Conversely, others may feel disempowered from giving us feedback because of the nature of our relationship or aspects of our personality. “The Art of Empowering Feedback” will give you the understandings and tools you need to:

✓ be able give people feedback that they recognize as a gift that empowers them to evolve, and
✓ be able to demonstrate to others that you welcome the gift of their feedback to help you to evolve as well, and even coach them to give you that feedback in an empowering way.

In this 4- hour training, you will learn about:

✓ Balanced distribution of positive and corrective feedback
✓Employing Conscious Communication when giving corrective feedback
✓ How best to communicate feedback in a way that will feel safe and supportive for the recipient
✓ Engaging the recipient in solutions, goals and a timeline
✓ How best to receive and respond to feedback to create a positive outcome

This training is ideal for anyone who finds giving or receiving feedback to be a difficult and disheartening experience.

Call now to bring this training to your organization or group! If you’re not part of an organization or group and want to learn these skills, check out the Enhancing Your Personal Communication or Conflict Resolution Coaching pages

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