Conflict Resolution Coaching

Helping you build bridges of peace

There are times when, despite our best efforts, we get into conflict with someone. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a pattern of conflict with certain people, often family members or co-workers. Figuring out the best way to move through those conflicts or conflict patterns can be daunting and confusing, like trying to maneuver our way through an emotional minefield. Do you ever wish you had someone to help find the path to resolution through that minefield – someone with an objective, “birds-eye” view, and with conflict resolution skills you may not be familiar with?

 Sometimes going to counselling with the other person may be the best approach, but not always, and going to counselling with a co-worker isn’t likely to happen. Other times, mediation is the best approach. Often the other person or people involved are resistant to going to counselling or mediation, or maybe you, yourself are. What then? That’s where conflict resolution coaching comes in.

 I have been providing conflict resolution coaching for over 20 years with very good success. In my service to you as your conflict resolution coach, I will listen carefully and without judgement to your experiences of conflict, explore and help you see what dynamics may be contributing to your conflict, and give you powerful understandings, communication tools and conflict resolution tools to help you resolve conflicts and break conflict patterns. My goal is to empower you to be able to prevent and resolve conflicts without the assistance of a third party, including me. You can do that, and I can help you get there.

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