Negotiation to Advocate for Your Needs

A healthy relationship, whether personal or professional, necessitates that each person involved is able to get their needs within that relationship met. Yet imbalanced power dynamics, lack of negotiation skills, and conditioning that says we shouldn’t assert ourselves to get our needs met or should put others’ needs before our own often prevent us from getting our own needs met. It’s okay, and – in fact – healthy for you to consider your own needs and be able to advocate for them. With the right skills and understandings, you can successfully negotiate to get your needs met without having to argue for them, and at the same time, support the other person to get their needs met as well. This is often called “win-win” or “needs-based” negotiation.

In this 3-hour training, you will learn about:

✓ Universal Human Needs
✓ The difference between Positions and Interests
✓ Interests & Needs Based Negotiation
✓ 10 Techniques for Successful Negotiation
✓ 5 Characteristics of a Strong & Lasting Agreement

This training is ideal for anyone who struggles to get their needs met in their personal or professional relationships.

Call now to bring this training to your organization or group! If you’re not part of an organization or group and want to learn these skills, check out the Enhancing Your Personal Communication or Conflict Resolution Coaching pages.

What people say about this training:

“Kathleen was an AMAZING instructor. This was my favorite session so far! She went over things in a thorough and thoughtful way, and engaged with everyone in a manner that brought more out of them than just a 2 word answer. I know I’ll utilize things that she taught us for the rest of my life, both personally and professionally.”

Questions? Contact: Kathleen Oweegon (541) 543-4181 Oregon office • (505) 501-7000 New Mexico office/mobile