Conscious Leadership ~ A Mindful, Positive Approach

Bringing consciousness to how we inspire and impact others

Balancing the complexities of daily life, both at home and at work, can be a daunting and sometimes delicate task, especially for those who are in a leadership role. A single thoughtless act can bring any number of unintended consequences tumbling down upon you. To navigate these complexities successfully, we need to be very mindful of each action we are considering and what the all the predictable consequences – positive or negative – of our actions might be.

When we lead mindfully, our decisions and actions will be more thoughtful and wise, and our positive impact more profound. Conversely, reactionary, “mindless” leadership often results in lost time and money, lost opportunity, increased stress, diminished motivation (for both you and those you lead), and chaotic, unforeseen consequences.

Life’s complexities and challenges, with all that they bring, can often evoke negative perspectives and approaches to how we see, think, speak and act. This can happen unconsciously, and in stages over time. Without our even realizing it, we being to see life in terms of challenges and limitations, rather than opportunities and possibilities. We grieve and complain about what we do not have, rather than celebrate and maximize what we do have.

Leaders who take and mindful and positive approach to their leadership have healthier, happier, more cohesive and productive teams, and experience those same benefits themselves!

In this 7-hour training, participants will:

      • Gain an understanding of what it means to be truly mindful, and the value of being mindful in your thoughts, words & action
      • Obtain tools you can use to achieve and maintain mindfulness in both the workplace and at home
      • Gain skills to frame your experiences and understandings in a positive light and proactively transform challenges into opportunities
      • Assess your strengths, and brainstorm how to apply those “superpowers” to enhance your leadership skills
      • Learn how to apply a mindful and positive approach to enhance team communication and collaboration

Who should take this class:

      • Employers
      • Managers
      • Aspiring leaders
      • Teachers
      • Elected officials
      • Anyone in an influential role (Ex: mentors, coaches, therapists, family leaders)
      • Anyone who would like to live and model a more mindful and positive life

This is a great course, it works for every job field out there even if your not in a leadership role. This Leadership Course has broadened my knowledge in many different aspects and I feel, I can take this knowledge with me to not only guide me but help others to acknowledge their own abilities in becoming a great leaders. Thank you!

Contact: Kathleen Oweegon (541) 543-4181 Oregon office • (505) 501-7000 New Mexico office/mobile