Transforming Conflict

A constructive approach to making conflict beneficial

Do you find yourself avoiding conflict, submitting to others’ demands without getting your own needs met, or damaging relationships because your approach to conflict is too aggressive? Then this is for you! Although conflict resolution is truly a social survival skill, people are rarely taught how to best respond to conflict in their life or in their surroundings, so it’s no wonder that conflict is so problematic for us. Conflict is a natural occurrence in human relations in any context, and can be utilized as an opportunity to co-create a better reality. Imagine being able to respond to conflict in a new & different ways that build stronger relationships and help to meet the needs of all involved!

In this 4-hour training, you will:

✓  Identify forms of conflict & the different ways people approach conflict
✓  Understand some of the sources of conflict
✓  Explore constructive approaches to conflict resolution
✓  Learn to negotiate win/win solutions

This training is ideal for anyone who wants to learn to constructively respond to conflict, whether on their own or in their environment.

(Caveat: while this training includes understandings and tools implemented by mediators, it will not qualify you to be a mediator. Mediation training requires a minimum of 40 hours of training. Call Kathleen to discuss receiving a 40-hour mediation training.)

Call now to bring this training to your organization or group. If you’re not part of an organization or group and want to learn these skills, check out the Conflict Resolution Coaching page.


I respect and admire Kathleen Oweegon. She is an incredible expert in her field – and I’m grateful that she is the instructor.

Contact: Kathleen Oweegon (541) 543-4181 Oregon office • (505) 501-7000 New Mexico office/mobile