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I recommend this podcast because I can get a sense of how much Kathleen believes in creating a peaceful world. Her interview style is warm, calm and inviting. You’ll find many nuggets of wisdom from her and her guests. — L. L


Kathleen is a perfectionist with regard to this podcast. You will be listening to a beautifully produced show!  — A.H.


“Truly Kathleen, it’s a remarkable piece of work  above all praise!!! Your approach to communication is really the enlightened approach.”  — T.D, Phoenix, AZ


“This podcast is wonderful. Just what I need. Thank you for sharing.”— K.T, Albuquerque, NM


“It would be real difficult for anyone not to notice your constant work to do good and support people at every level. And, for me, this is one of your very best efforts yet!”  — A.N., Hungary


“Kat!!! Such Excellent Work… much impressed with your distilled wisdom and soothing delivery… You are a great asset for helping humanity mature … BRAVO !!!” – R.R., Planet Earth

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“Why It Matters” Episode #1 of Co-creating Peace (Introduction)

This is a series about conscious communication and conflict transformation.  I’ll tell you what to expect from this podcast, why I am doing it, and why it matters. You’re also going to hear a letter seeking communication advice, and I’ll share with you the advice I have for her.

Conscious communication, as I define it is: Being mindful before we speak, of what our goal is for the outcome of each communication we embark on – especially in situations that are important to us, or to others – and thoughtfully choosing the words, timing and delivery to best accomplish that goal.

Conflict transformation – as I define it – is first and foremost seeing conflict as an opportunity – and opportunity to grow, to learn, and to co-create a better reality for everyone involved and affected by the conflict.  It is mindfully working with a conflict situation with the intention to collaborate to co-create an outcome that benefits all involved, and is to the highest good of all concerned. It is about transcending ideas of who’s right and who’s wrong, or blame and shame, and instead simply identifying what’s not working, then exploring and negotiating creative options for new dynamics that will better meet the needs of those involved and affected.

“Re-humanizing One Another” – Episode #18

This episode’s topic relates in many ways to what I spoke about in Episode #17 –the frame of reference in which we see one another, and which we sometimes lock people into in our mind. One frame in which we often see and entrap others is in the role they have in our...

“Stuck in the Frame” – Episode #17

We all have a frame of reference through which we see the world. This frame dramatically affects the opinions we form, and can make it difficult for us to see things any other way than through our frame. In this episode, I explore that phenomenon, how it affects our...

“Conflict Is Natural” – Episode #12

In this episode, I am joined by Tim Hicks, a fellow mediator, in Eugene, OR. Our conversation focuses on how conflict is a natural, normal part of life. We explore the concept that it's not conflict itself that is damaging, but the destructive ways in which people...

“Speak Their Language” – Episode #11

This episode is about modalities of communication – the ways in which people best receive, process, and communicate information. You might call it our brain’s language. I share information about each of the modalities, and how the differences in how we receive,...

“The ‘I’s Have It” – Episode #10

This episode is about using "I-messages" to help you deliver information in a way that feels safe for others to hear. I’ll also read a letter that I received from a couple of listeners and share with you the advice that I gave them, which directly relates to this...

“Hear Them” – Episode #9

Joining me today, is Michael Lightweaver to talk about his perspective on how to approach a conversation that has the potential to escalate, and the value of truly, deeply listening Michael has led a long and interesting life of service to humanity. Among his many...

“What’s Your Style?” – Episode #7

In this episode, we look at conflict styles – the ways in which we consciously or unconsciously approach conflict situations, why we choose the approach we do, and the benefit of being mindful in the conflict style we choose. How do you approach conflict? Are you a...

“I See You” – Episode #6

  In this episode, I talk about the power that acknowledgement has to help people feel heard, to de-escalate upset, and to transform conflict. Many people have said that acknowledgement began their healing. I’m also going to weave in some more thoughts on asking...

“Breaking the Chain of Conflict” – Episode #5

“When the Need Arises” – Episode #3

In this episode, I explore with you the role that unmet needs have in conflict, and we’ll look at some examples of how collaboration to meet one another’s needs has helped to transform conflict into lasting peace. When you listen to Episode #4 – “From Demands to Needs...