“From Conflict to Collaboration: The Art of Mediation”, Episode #136

Have you ever felt trapped in a web of conflict, unsure of how to untangle the emotional threads of anger, fear, and confusion? This week, we’re joined by mediator Michael Fraidenburg, co-author with fellow mediator Terry Teale, of the recently published book, “The Art of Mediation” to explore the transformative journey mediation offers in guiding individuals from impasse to insight. We discuss some of the emotional complexities of conflict, and the critical role of the mediator in fostering a safe space for genuine dialogue.

Mike and I explore the subtleties of facilitative mediation, a process that hands the reins back to the conflicting parties, allowing them to steer towards their own resolutions while maintaining autonomy. Our discussion explores the mediator’s dual role – resolving the present dispute while equipping individuals with the psychological tools and practical know-how to approach resolving future conflicts together without the need for professional support.

Welcome to “From Conflict to Collaboration: The Art of Mediation”, Episode #136

You’ll leave this episode equipped with Mike’s three golden questions, your new go-to toolkit for reshaping perspectives and promoting flexibility in the face of disagreement. These questions aren’t just for the mediation table; they’re practical approaches that can be woven into the fabric of your daily personal interactions. Join us for an episode that not only provides powerful, yet easy to use tools for mediation, but also for fostering collaborative relationships in our daily lives.

Must-hear highlights include:

Michael Fraidenburg, the principal of The Cooperation Company, is a Certified Mediator recognized by the Washington Mediation Association. He teaches conflict resolution for the Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County, WA and the Northwest Environmental Training Center, contributing to the skill development of professionals. His expertise includes working with prominent organizations, like the US Bureau of Land Management, the State of Washington, the City of Seattle, and the Puget Sound Partnership

Michael’s co-author, Terry Teale, the principal of Heart of the Matter Mediation Services, is a certified mediator, collaborative negotiations specialist, and the past Board President of the Dispute Resolution Center of Thurston County, WA.

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