“Navigating Family Tensions: Lessons from Mediation”, Episode #128

Picture this: You’re at your family’s holiday gathering, and suddenly, a heated argument breaks out. The festive atmosphere quickly turns tense, and you find yourself wishing you had a mediator on speed dial. For a wide variety of reasons, holiday family gatherings can sometimes feel like ground zero for conflict.

Welcome to “Navigating Family Tensions: Lessons from Mediation”, Episode #128 of Co-creating Peace, a podcast about conscious communication and conflict transformation.

Joining me today is my good friend and colleague, David Levin, a long-time mediator, to share some insightful tips on navigating those tricky family conflicts that can often arise during the holidays. David offers gems of wisdom and lessons learned from mediation, advising us to tread lightly and avoid direct intervention, all while stressing the impact of individual, meaningful interactions, and nurturing our relationships to create a peaceful dynamic where we can.

Highlights you won’t want to miss include:

  • Don’t mediate your family
  • What you see & what you cannot see when you look at others
  • How to navigate family tension
  • Listening to connect
  • What mediators have learned

David has provided us with brief synopsis of the insights he shared in our conversation, which includes a diagram of the communication tool called “looping”, that he described to us: Navigating Family Tensions: Lessons from Mediation” Handout

Here are just a few of the past episodes of this podcast which describe other tools you may find useful when navigating family conflict:

David Levin graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Law, in 1977 and has been a trained mediator since 1987. David began his legal career as a civil litigator and a general practitioner, later becoming a Board Recognized Specialist in Family Law and establishing a general private mediation practice.  He has served as a court administrator of local and statewide alternative methods of dispute resolution programs, and has taught basic, family, small claims, and advanced mediation, as well as settlement facilitation.  David is currently practicing mediation, providing mediation training and education, and serving as a resource for alternative dispute resolution programs.

To connect with David or learn more about his work, email him at: davidlevin@mindspring.com