“Peace is an Inside Job”, Episode #122

Have you ever noticed how much chatter is going on in your head? You know what I mean – that internal narrative I spoke about in Episode #8: “Don’t Believe Everything You Think”. Sometimes that internal narrative, which today’s guest calls our “personal podcast”, can lead us down a detrimental road, one that causes us pain and conflict, and which can have that same effect on the people in our life.

Author, teacher and coach, Terre Short, joins me today with some great insights into how we can better co-create peace in our lives by recognizing when our thoughts are going down what she calls “the yellow brick road” of negative thinking, and then pivot our thinking in a more constructive, non-violent direction, creating more peaceful outcomes, both internally & externally.

Terre provides insights about the importance of evaluating our values and intentions, and why our personal narrative heavily influences our interactions with the world.

Highlights you won’t want to miss include:

  • The importance of being mindful of our internal dialogue and how it influences our experiences
  • We can develop the ability to recognize when our thoughts are heading in a detrimental direction and pivot our thought processes to a more constructive path.
  • Focusing on our values and intentions can help to keep us from focusing on anxiety and negative thought patterns.
  • Being mindful of our word choices, both internally & externally affects dynamics both internally & externally

Terre Short, MBA, is an author, speaker, coach and creator of Thriving Leader Collaborative. She believes that truly authentic leadership is achieved when we embrace our inner wisdom to overcome business challenges. As a NeuroMindfulness Practitioner, Terre lives at the intersection of wellbeing and leadership and has spent the last decade advising high performing Fortune 500 leaders on how to explore intuitive pathways to success. Terre is the author of The Words We Choose: Your Guide to How and Why Words Matter.

Contact Terre at: Terre@thrivingLC.com

Learn more about Terre & her work (and register for her upcoming September retreat) at: www.ThrivingLeaderCollaborative.com