“Building Meaningful Connections in an Era of Loneliness”, Episode #121

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic brought us lock-downs, isolation and loneliness have been a growing problem for many people. It’s gotten to the point that the U.S. surgeon general published an advisory outlining his concerns about the public health crisis of loneliness, isolation, and lack of connection in our country earlier this year. Disconnection fundamentally affects our mental, physical & societal health.

Fortunately, Coach Lee Hopkins is working diligently to help others create new relationships to bring joy and connection into their lives.

Coach Lee Hopkins has been a guest on this podcast a few times in the past. He joined us in Episode #77 when he told us about a very powerful boundaries framework that he has created, which he calls 3N Boundaries. Then in Episodes #80 & #81 Coach Lee shared some important insights & tools to help us understand more about our grudges & how to constructively work with them. Coach Lee joins us again today to share some great insights & tools about ways that we can build strong, mutually beneficial connections with others.

Welcome to “Building Meaningful Connections in an Era of Loneliness”, Episode #121 of Co-creating Peace.

Some highlights are:

  • The Importance of sharing your truth
  • Mindful sharing and contextual TMI
  • How to initiate making meaningful connections when others seem reserved
  • The J.I.S.T. storytelling method as a way to begin to create a meaningful connection with someone

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When you click on the “For Individuals” link on the homepage, in addition to the other great information there, you will find a Free Resources link with some really great free tools to help you build stronger connections with yourself, as well as others. The “For Organizations” link on the home page takes you to some excellent information & tools which can be tailored to almost any group, even an informal one.