“Overcoming Division Through Curiosity, Compassion & Courage” Part 1, Episode #117

In Episode # 112, which aired in mid-March, I introduced you to Starts With Us by inviting you to participate in their Finding the Way Out Challenge. I’m delighted to welcome Tom Fishman, CEO of Starts with Us to the show to tell us more about Starts with Us, and the wonderful work this organization is doing. Tom will also share some insights and tools for bridging divides.

Welcome to “Overcoming Division Through Curiosity, Compassion & Courage”, Episode #117.

  • Highlights you won’t want to miss include:
    Hyper-partisan politicians are covered in the news 4x more than bipartisan politicians.
  • How each of us can affect positive change and influence social norms simply by how we show up each and every day.
  • New ways of building towards common goals with online technologies
  • How much greater perceived division seems vs what reality is

Tom Fishman, CEO of Starts with Us majored in physics in college, and brings from that world a unique ability to break down complex problems into simple units. In terms of leadership style, he is a big believer in emotional honesty (in addition to intellectual honesty, of course). Like so many, he left the for-profit world for social impact (Starts with Us) during the pandemic, and can speak to what this shift has taught him, both personally and professionally.

He is wired to be in “build mode” and much prefers answering the “why?” and “how?” vs. “what?” He’s at SWU because he believes media and technology can be harnessed for good. Alongside so many of us, he is eager to give a home, a voice, and real momentum to all of the people who believe it’s time to end the culture wars and make curiosity, compassion, and courage the dominant values in our society. In his words, “If no one builds it, it won’t happen.”

Join me again the weekend of June 10th when Tom and I will continue our conversation and delve into the ways collaboration, multi-partisan alliances, and seeking out different perspectives can overcome division and create lasting change.

Learn how to model the three C’s in digital spaces and conversations, and how to influence the media to focus on solutions-oriented leaders. Together, we’ll explore the tools available to empower you to take action in your homes, schools, churches, and communities, and how your individual intentionality can lead to a more balanced media landscape, ultimately creating a brighter future for all. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation about bridging divides and the potential of Starts with Us.

Other organizations Tom mentioned that you may want to learn more about are:
Braver Angels
Bridge USA
All Sides Media