“Psychological Safety, Peace & Human Understanding”, Episode #116

I’ve spoken often on this show about how if we want to truly be heard, we have to help others feel safe hearing us. Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Stephan Wiedner, a psychological safety expert. Stephan brings us deeper insights into the importance of psychological safety and the myriad of ways it can be used to foster peace and mutual understanding.

Welcome to “Psychological Safety, Peace & Human Understanding”, Episode #116.

Highlights you won’t want to miss include:

  • Psychological Safety and its importance in team dynamics
  • Tools for fostering Psychological Safety (curiosity, open-ended questions, active listening)
  • Challenges in maintaining Psychological Safety
  • Empathy & self-referencing messages in creating Psychological Safety

Stephan Wiedner is a psychological safety expert whose career has focused on developing sustainable high-performance leaders, teams, and organizations. His passion for unleashing the collective potential of people has led him to cofound Noomii.com, the web’s largest network of independent life coaches, Skillsetter.com, the deliberate practice platform for interpersonal skills, and Zarango.com, the psychological safety training experts. Stephan’s writing has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and other popular publications.

Check out Stephan’s other projects:

  • Noomii.com – The Web’s Largest Network of Professional Coaches, and
  • Skillsetter.com, the deliberate practice platform for interpersonal skills.

As a reminder, Co-creating Peace now airs on the 2nd and 4th weekend of each month. I hope you’ll join me on May 27 for Episode #117 ­– “Overcoming Division Through Curiosity, Compassion & Courage” when I’ll be joined by Tom Fishman, CEO of Starts with Us to tell us more about Starts with Us, the wonderful work this organization is doing, and the many exciting ways they are working to give a home, a voice, and real momentum to all of the people who believe it’s time to end the culture wars and make curiosity, compassion, and courage the dominant values in our society. Tom will also share some wonderful insights and tools for bridging divides.