“The Power of the Pause” (Episode #79 Redux), Episode #111

Last week, in Episode #110, “Mindful Spacious Listening”, Alan Carroll & I talked about creating the space in a conversation for another person to fully share what they want us to hear, and creating the space within our awareness to deeply hear them.

During our conversation, I was reminded of an earlier episode of this podcast from July of last year, which was titled “The Power of the Pause”, and included a conversation I had with Howard Falco, a listener on Wisdom App. I decided to revive that episode as a sequel to last week’s because the information builds so well on the conversation Alan and I had. I hope this helps reinforce in your mind the immeasurable value of creating space for deeper understanding in your conversations with others.

Highlights include:

  • Creating and harvesting space between stimulus and response as a portal for our wisdom
  • How implementing the Iroquois Rule of 6 from the perspective of the Neutral Observer within us creates greater opportunity to wiser responses
  • What’s most important is not who you were, but who do you want to be now?
  • Recognizing that we can use the Power of the Pause to consciously decide who we want to be

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