“Empathy: The First Step to Peace”, Episode #103

All around us we hear about the many divides we are experiencing as a nation, and as a specie. Solutions to the issues that divide us are complex, will take time to discover and then act upon, and the division surrounding them only delays discovery of the solutions.

The good news is that the actual divides themselves, the ragged, wounded chasms of human discord are easier to heal than you might imagine – not necessarily easy, but easier than you might imagine. Healing begins when we stop the “think like me or I will hate and destroy you” approach, and instead, mindfully create a safe space in which to deeply hear one another, and to approach those conversations with openness, curiosity, and the desire to understand. In other words, seeking to give and receive empathy – something we all long for, yet rarely experience. From mutual empathy bridges of peace are built, and a myriad of possibilities are born.

We’ve talked about the power of dialogue in many past episodes of this podcast, including episodes #86, #89, #93, #94 #95 and #96.

Edwin Rutsch joins me to talk about the nature of empathy, and ways we can evoke & experience empathy with others through Empathy Circles.

Highlights of our conversation include:

  • A definition of empathy
  • Empathy through deep listening
  • The impact of mutual listening & mutual empathy
  • Bringing empathy circles into school curriculum

Edwin Rutsch is founding director of the Center for Building a Culture of Empathy. The center’s website, CultureOfEmpathy.com, is the internet’s most comprehensive portal for empathy-related material. It hosts many empathy building projects and trainings.

To learn more about the Empathy Circle Facilitation Training and register go to: https://www.bestempathytraining.com New cohort starts January 21st! Registration is only $30! Extended deadline for this audience: Sat. Jan. 21st

To visit the Empathy Circle Website: http://www.empathycircle.com