“The Path to Conscious, Co-creative Leadership”, Episode #101

We face many challenges in today’s world. High among them is the need for more wise, strong, conscious leaders. Many young adults around the world have that potential, but they need education, mentoring, a direction to move in, and the opportunity to implement what they learn. Yet access is limited, especially for those who live in underdeveloped and impoverished countries.

That’s where the International Institute for Global Leadership (IIGL) comes in. Their conscious leadership program is available to anyone, anywhere, at no cost. This program has changed the lives of its students, their communities, and countless others who have benefited from the leadership of its students and graduates!

Joining me to talk about this great organization and its impact are IIGL Board President, Vivian Muciri (Kenya) and Executive Director, Deb Rosen.

Highlights include:

Learn more about IIGL and how you can support the program and its students at global-leadership.com, or contact Deb Rosen at: iigl.globalleadership@gmail.com. Purchase the book “Creating Your Path Through Leadership” on Amazon.

Vivian Muciri, an IIGL graduate, and the current President of the Board of Directors, is the Founder and Executive Director of Vision for Change Foundation, which works with youth who have gone through the criminal justice system to help them deter from crime and create decent avenues of livelihood. You can learn more about the Vision for Change Foundation by visiting their website: visionforchangefoundation.org

Deb Rosen has been the IIGL Executive Director since Jan. 2013.  Deborah holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee in Organizational Communication with a specialty in Educational Training and Curriculum Design.