“From Drama Triangle to Circle of Empowerment”, Episode #100

I am excited to be celebrating 100 episodes of Co-creating Peace! I am so grateful to all you loyal listeners & patrons for the continued success of this podcast. Many of you have reached out to me with feedback & ideas for topics; some have requested advice, communication coaching, or other services. It’s been so great to connect with all of you! I look forward to our continued connection & to being of service through this podcast and my other work.

I’m delighted to have Susan Partnow join me again. While discussing Compassionate Listening in Episodes #95 & #96, Susan briefly referenced the Drama Triangle. Then, in Episode #97, Fleet Maull mentioned the Drama Triangle as well. I realized that this is a phenomenon that is so often present in conflict dynamics and so often the cause of conflict, that I need to have an episode of this podcast that focuses on the Drama Triangle so we can learn more about it and how to work constructively with our tendency to engage at that level.

Susan Partnow is well-versed on the drama triangle and how to transform it into a circle of empowerment, so I invited her to return to share more of her wisdom with us.

Highlights of our conversation include:

  • The 3 roles in the drama triangle and how they interact (We all step into one of these roles from time to time.)
  • How to bring mindfulness to the role we’ve assumed in the drama triangle
  • How to move from the drama triangle into the circle of empowerment
  • How to invite others to join us in moving from the drama triangle into the circle of empowerment

Susan’s 5-session “Intro to Compassionate Listening” class, which includes working with the Drama Triangle, begins Jan. 12th. Register at compassionatelistening.org.
You can find additional information and background on the Drama Triangle at karpmandramatriangle.com.

Susan Partnow, M.A., has catalyzed social transformation and worked to heal the world ‘from the inside out’ through The Compassionate Listening Project (TCLP) for over 35 years. She is Co-founder of Conversation Cafes, Let’s Talk America, Global Citizen Journey and Seattle Restorative Justice.