“Change Your Thinking, Change Your Experience”, Episode #98

What most often gets in the way of a person’s success is their own limiting beliefs. This is true when it comes to business, self-empowerment, what we manifest in our life, and to resolving conflict. Yes, our biggest obstacle in life is our own thinking. Joining me today to talk about how we can transcend that phenomenon is Molly Mandelberg, Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up, Creator of the Magnetic Influencers Collective, bestselling author, and host of two podcasts.

Highlights of our conversation include:

  • How transcending our limiting beliefs and shifting into “possibilities consciousness” expands our ability to manifest what we want to create in our life, including peace with others.
  • The value of daily rituals to help us to stay calm & centered under stress, including when working through conflict. Molly provides some great recommendations for some of those rituals.
  • How doing our personal growth work and developing our emotional intelligence will help us become better communicators. This helps us to reduce and manage our emotional triggers.
  • How EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) can help us to find inner peace, which is a powerful contributor to peace with others.  (Episode #70 is about EFT)

After spending years mastering content creation and online marketing, Molly Mandelberg finds her bliss in bridging the worlds of heart-centered healing and transformation, with the practical business strategies of leveraging a message into a global movement. She is a certified NLP Coach, an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, a Transformational Leadership Coach and a full time Nomad.

You can learn more about Molly and her work or contact her at: www.wildheartsriseup.com. You can hear more of Molly’s wisdom on her podcasts: “Reveal the Game of Life” and “Tactical Magic”. Last week, Molly interviewed me on Tactical Magic about transforming conflict. We had a great conversation! Check it out on any podcast provider, including Apple podcasts.