“Uniting Fractured Communities Through Dialogue, Part 1 – Bringing Police and Activists Together Through Dialogue”, Episode #93

Recently, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Duncan Autrey of The Omni-Win Project for The Omni-Win Project podcast. I want to share that interview with you in this podcast.

We discussed a wide range of related topics having to do with dialogue, and exploring ways that we can see past our differences – in fact, embrace them – to nurture democracy, co-create peace, and co-create a world where different ways of being and different perspectives are embraced, celebrated, and utilized to co-create better tomorrows than our yesterdays have been.

  • Duncan  & I discuss how dialogue is severely underused when it could solve many problems.
  • I shared stories about two dialogue series involving law enforcement officers that I collaborated on and co-facilitated.
  • We discuss the potential dialogue has to bridge divides, and the different forms dialogue process can take, from those that are professionally facilitated to those that people host in their home or community center.
  • I provided several resources for learning more about how to bring dialogue into your world.

The Omni-Win Project podcast is one hour long, so I will be airing this conversation in two parts over two podcast episodes.

This week, in Part 1, Duncan and I discuss facilitated dialogues between law enforcement and various community members, including activists. Next week, in Part 2, we discuss other, more informal types of dialogue and the importance of learning another person’s deeper truths, exploring what’s inside them, and the wisdom, insights and shared humanity that often can only be discovered when we look beneath the surface.

The Omni-Win Project is a multimedia effort to raise awareness of the myriad existing and emergent opportunities we have to improve our democracy and heal our political culture.

In Episode #86 of this podcast, which was titled “Acknowledge, Reflect, Be Curious”, Duncan Autrey, creator of The Omni-Win Project, shared a very helpful communication model also called “Acknowledge, Reflect, Be Curious”.