“Finding My Place & My Harmony Within the Group” – Letter from a Listener, Episode #91

When we marry, we enter into a wide variety of new relationships. We’re usually marrying into our spouse’s family with all of their personalities, idiosyncrasies, and interpersonal dynamics. Families often have their own unique culture with all the expectations and biases that can come with that.

There are ways to maneuver that dynamic.

In this episode, I share a letter from a listener in France, seeking my advice about boundaries and communication with the very large family she married into.

Francesca’s challenges in finding a peaceful rhythm with the family she married into aren’t unique, although there are often increased complexities with a family that large.

The concepts and tools I shared with Francesca can be applied in any group dynamic, not just in family dynamics. The longer a group is together, the more likely they are to develop their own unique culture. Mindfulness, thoughtfulness, clear communication, well-clarified, well-maintained boundaries, and the willingness to adapt – at least to some degree – are the best tools one can use to find their place and their harmony within the group.

We discuss: