“How to Communicate with Your Partner in Difficult Times”, Episode #90

A strong lifelong partnership with someone special is something that is important to many of us. As wonderful as it is to find that special someone, that doesn’t always guarantee that the relationship will always be smooth and easy. Difficult times can arise in any relationship. What’s important is how we navigate those difficult times. Joining me to share some insights into that is relationship expert Laura Doyle.

I hope you will enjoy “How to Communicate with Your Partner in Difficult Times”, Episode #90 of Co-creating Peace, a series about conscious communication and conflict transformation.  

New York Times Bestselling Author Laura Doyle was the perfect wife…until she actually got married. When she told her husband how to be tidier, more romantic, and more ambitious, he avoided her. So she dragged him to marriage counseling and nearly divorced him.

In desperation, she asked happily married women for their secrets, and that’s when she got her miracle: the man who had wooed her returned.

Laura’s books have been translated into 19 languages in 30 countries and accidentally started a worldwide movement. Laura’s mission is to end world divorce. She is the founder of the international relationship coach training school Laura Doyle Connect, the star of Empowered Wives on Amazon Prime, the Creator of The Ridiculously Empowered, Happy Wife program, the host of The Empowered Wife Podcast and she has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America and The View. She has helped over 15,000 women fix their relationships–even the hopeless ones without their husband’s effort.

But the thing that Laura is most proud of is her gratifying 31-year marriage with her hilarious husband John, who has been dressing himself since before she was born.

To learn more about Laura and her work, visit LauraDoyle.org