“Living Room Conversations: Connecting Across Divides”, Episode #89

There is an unmet need that many of us experience. You’ve heard me speak about it before. It is the need to feel heard, to be acknowledged for who we are and how we perceive the world. Sadly, we sometimes have great difficulty in getting that need met. That’s where Living Room Conversations comes in.

Living Room Conversations is an organization that helps people to have safe, peaceful, comfortable conversations about the kinds of issues that we find disagreement about, that we feel a great deal of passion about. Joining me today is Annie Caplan to tell us about an organization called Living Room Conversations, the resources they have to share, and how each and every one of us can have these conversations ourselves.

Annie Caplan is an educator, community organizer, and Community Engagement Partner for Living Room Conversations. She loves connecting people and witnessing what can unfold when people come together and share their stories and experiences. Annie aims to foster inclusive and accessible environments where folks feel comfortable showing up as their most authentic selves.

To learn more about Living Room Conversations and access their vast array of dialogue resources, visit livingroomconversations.org. You will find that their Conversation Agreements can be useful for conversations in any context.