“What’s Your Story?”, Episode #88

Each of us has a story to tell. Many of us keep our story locked inside of us, examining only some parts of it, perhaps suppressing others. Some parts of our story bring joy with their memory; other may bring sadness, even pain. Yet, every part of our story is significant and has much to teach us, and – perhaps – to teach others. The wisdom and the empowerment that reside in our story are most easily seen when we write our story down. However, that can feel daunting. We may question what value there will be in writing it down. We don’t know where to start. We’re afraid of what our story might reveal to us or to others. It can feel like just too big of a proposition to take on. Fortunately, there are people out there who can help is write our story through a process called Guided Autobiography. Joining us today is Lisa Culhane, a life coach, writer and guided autobiography instructor. Lisa will tell us all about guided autobiography and share some ways you can start implementing aspects of this process into your life starting today to help strengthen your communication with others and with yourself. Lisa Culhane is a published author and contributor to several anthologies and blogs. Lisa’s current work is about helping others write their stories. This work is based on the premise that the stories we tell are prophetic and thus, taking the time to think about, write and share our stories – to see ourselves as storytellers and to view our lives through the lens of story – allows us to use our stories to heal, to become whole and to experience profound connection with others. In other words, writing and sharing our stories, is a way to build conscious communication with ourselves and others while resolving conflicts that run through our story line. Lisa combines her expertise as a certified Guided Autobiography Instructor (GAB), a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and a writer to help people step back, reflect and write their stories, 2 pages at a time, using a research-based group writing process that is both profound and enjoyable. You can learn more about her classes at lisaculhane.com.