“Clean Inquiry: simple questions for conversations when emotions and stakes are high”, Episode #85

When we are experiencing high emotion, and the outcome of the situation we’re in will have a strong and lasting impact on our life – positive or negative – is when we often have the most difficulty communicating consciously and in ways that help others feel safe and empowered to collaborate with us. Yet, that very communication could well affect the outcome. How do we approach conversation in such a tenuous situation? Joining me today to talk about that is Sharon Small, international authority on the use of clean language, and founder of the Clean Language Institute.

Sharon Small studies how we transform things from how they are too how we want them to be. Her work with Clean Language applies when problem-solving, whether for climate change, art, parenting, or personal development, or finance. Founder of the Clean Language Institute and internationally recognized trainer who inspires, Sharon has taught hundreds of professionals clean language methodologies, including Symbolic Modeling, Clean Space, Emergent Knowledge, Clean Inquiry, and Clean Language Interviewing.

For more information on Clean Language and Sharon’s work, go to: www.cleanlanguagetraining.com.

Here are some additional Clean Language resources Sharon would like to share with you: