“The Impact of Trauma on Communication”, Episode #84

This episode is a follow-on to last week’s episode. Last week, Greg Wieting and I had a great conversation about transforming trauma, learning to see our lived experience with new awareness and wisdom, and using these to build stronger, healthier relationships with ourselves and others. Of course, a major component of building stronger, healthier relationships is communication. Yet, trauma can impact our ability to effectively communicate with others in several detrimental ways. 

This week, Karen Robinson, a service driven social worker, therapist, and coach with 24+ years of clinical experience who specializes in trauma recovery, anxiety, and depression joins me to talk about this often-misunderstood impact of trauma. She also shares some communication tools trauma survivors can use to support their successful communication. Among them are her Communication Roadmap, and a new way to look at I-Messages, which I spoke about in Episode #10, “The ‘I’s Have It”

Learn more about Karen Robinson and all that she has to offer trauma survivors at: karenrobinson360.com.
To learn more about the Trauma Recovery Summit where Karen will be presenting in October, click:  “Trauma Recovery Summit 2022”. Here’s more information on her topic, “Get UNSTUCK and Out of Your Rut of Constant Cycles of Starting & Stopping”: Stuckness and wheel-spinning become the norm for many who’ve suffered trauma, neglect, and other hurts. With commitment, simple digestive prompts and tools can change that. Uncover a mindset shift and a process of tiny steps to break unproductive cycles once and for all.