“Releasing Grudges” Part 2, Episode #81

Today, Coach Lee Hopkins and I continue our conversation about grudges. Last week, we talked about what we might do to help others release their grudge against us. Now we’ll discuss how each of us might work through the grudges we have against others.

Coach Lee Hopkins (he/him/his) is a transgender man who helps people create lasting friendships. On his journey of discovery about how to connect more deeply with others, he discovered that the more he learned about himself, the better able he was to build strong, long-lasting relationships with others.

You can learn more about Lee and his work by visiting his  website, patternsofpossibility.com, where you will find on the More Possibility page a free course called “Understanding Connections” and a free resource titled “10 Tips to Making Memorable Conversations” as well as many other insights, tools and resources. Just go to: patternsofpossibility.com/morepossibility