“Holding the Space for Peace” – Episode #64

Andrea Petrut joins me today from Toronto Canada for a conversation about the many ways that we can hold the space for peace – within ourselves, between ourselves and others, and in the world. We discuss the relationship between inner peace, outer peace and world peace, and Andrea shares some easy but very powerful tools for how we can find and maintain our inner peace, which is where all peace has its roots.

After losing her mother to cancer when she was 11 years old, Andrea took an empowering vision, made it her reality and became her own pillar in life, lifting herself and others on her path. 

As an Intuitive Life & Relationships Catalyst, Andrea combines a unique form of insight to help multi-passionate, heart-centered women center on the present moment. With laser focused energy she helps her clients expand their hearts for themselves and their family while anchoring and living their vision for the world.

Originally from Romania, Andrea is a Heart Imagery Teacher at The School of The Heart, entrepreneur, trauma-informed writer, speaker, storyteller, leader, home educator, host of Healing Through Oneness podcast and advocate for love.

To learn more about Andrea and her work, go to andreapetrut.ca.

Andrea has generously offered a wonderful Gift for you, dear listeners: Her 7 Keys to Clarity – A quick guide to move you forward to the aligned love and relationships you envision. To receive this gift, go to:   https://andreapetrut.ca/7keystoclarity/