“Using Conscious Communication to Attract What You Want in Life” – Episode #59

With me today is Marta Greca to share what she has learned about the power of conscious interpersonal communication, and how that has impacted her family and her life.

As you listen to my conversation with Marta, if you recognize yourself in some of those communication patterns she describes that didn’t work well for her in the past, I am happy to support you in your communication transformation with communication coaching. You can go to the Communication Coaching page to learn more, and feel free to reach out to me for a free 30-minute initial consultation to help you determine if communication coaching is right for you.

Marta is lovingly nicknamed by her colleagues as the Millionaire Minimalist. As the CEO of MEDIA – The Creative Agency, Marta and her team help women business leaders attract their ideal clients so they can focus on serving their own clients as they expand their brands internationally. As an established business leader herself, Marta coaches countless emerging entrepreneurs on how to set their businesses up to thrive long-term. But Marta’s most important role is as the homeschooling mom to her six kids, and as a daughter, a sister, and wife. Marta is also the proud host of her podcast Marta the Minimalist, and TV show Thriving Women Talk.

To learn more about Marta’s work go to mediacreativeagency.com or email her at: marta@mediacreativeagency.com


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