“Here Comes the Judge”, Episode #58 of Co-creating Peace


Have you ever noticed yourself writing a story in your head about something that has happened in the world or in your life? What assumptions have you made about other people today? Who have you judged? These come naturally to us & we often do them unconsciously. I invite you to join Michael Lightweaver and me as we talk about the judge, jury and executioner who live inside each of us. Mindfully choose instead to bring out the investigator within you and seek new information and new understandings. This is just one of the many ways to co-create peace in your life.

Michael has led a long and interesting life of service to humanity. Among his many accomplishments, in 2002 he founded the International Institute for Global Leadership, an internet-based study program, whose primary mission is to provide a tuition-free education to individuals who wish to become high-integrity, heart-centered and conscious leaders in their communities and the world.

Michael now serves as the steward of the Mountain Light Sanctuary a spiritual retreat center in a remote mountain cove near Asheville, North Carolina where he offers guidance sessions to those who seek him out.
Michael has also published 3 books: The World According to Michael, A Day of Grace, and Conscious Creation 101.

You can learn more about the International Institute for Global Leadership by going to www.global-leadership.com. You can learn more about the Mountain Light Sanctuary by going to www.mountainlightsanctuary.com . You can contact Michael through that website as well. You’ll find all of Michael’s books available on Amazon.