“Your Many Facets”, Episode #54 of Co-creating Peace

Today’s episode may feel like a bit of a walkabout as you hear the thoughts I will share, yet I invite and encourage you to journey with me on this little adventure of the mind. By the end of this episode, you will have new insights into yourself and others, and some new tools that will help you to more mindfully choose how you want to relate to others in any given situation.

Back in the mid-1980’s when I was studying psychology in college, I observed something about the human psyche which I call the multi-faceted sphere – each facet a different personality through which the light of our soul shines.
I came to understand through my studies in the classroom, and my observation of myself and others, that we all have many different personalities residing within us, some of which are common to all of us, others which are unique to an individual, formed by our innate characteristics and life circumstance. Any of these personalities may come to the forefront without our consciously being aware of it, evoked by the situation we are in and our emotional response to that situation. Yet, we can mindfully choose which personality to bring forward to best address the situation we are in and the people we are interacting with.