“An Attitude of Gratitude” – Episode #51

When nothing seems to be going your way, your best-laid plans are thwarted by the Fates, and it feels as though the bird of paradise is leaving droppings on your head, it is so easy to go into a dark, desperate, and angry place in your psyche. It’s tempting to scream “Why me!?!” or “Screw you!” to the Universe and the powers that be, or even to vent that anger and frustration on some poor undeserving soul who crosses your path.

I speak from current experience, as I sit in a hotel room where I have been stuck for the last week by snowstorms that interrupted my road-trip to be with family for the Christmas holiday, and ruined my chances of being with loved ones, or even in my own home for any part of this holiday season.

I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t get extremely upset, or that I haven’t cried more than once as this ordeal has continued, and I sit here, trapped in a place I don’t enjoy and where I know no one. There have been times when I wanted to rage, stomp my feet, do something to vent my frustration and disappointment!
What has gotten me through this, and will continue to do so, is reminding myself of all there is to be grateful for – having an attitude of gratitude.

On my list of things I am so very grateful for are you, my listeners. Thank you for being with me as we co-create peace in this world. I wish each and every one of you a safe, healthy, and joyful new year, and a long, long list of blessings you are grateful for!