“Speaking in Rounds to Help People Think” – Episode #49 of Co-creating Peace


A podcast series about conscious communication and conflict transformation.

Sheella Mierson joins me to talk about a method of designing the flow of a conversation in a way that evokes more thoughtful responses, and which allows for each person to have a chance to share their thoughts without the conversation being dominated by the stronger personalities.

Sheella specializes in helping people collaborate more effectively in a variety of settings. One of her favorite tools is having people speak in “rounds” in meetings, whether there are two people or many. She will discuss what a round is, how to do it, and why it is so effective.

Sheella Mierson, Ph.D. helps individuals and organizations design relationships, processes, and structures for creative collaboration. In her first career as a research scientist, she became interested in how people collaborate (or not) in and out of the laboratory. She is a certified facilitator for the Blueprint of We Process, and a sociocracy consultant. Her passion is to create joyful, productive relationships and workplaces, where both people and organization can flourish.
To contact Sheella or to learn more about meetings that use rounds, visit: www.sociocracyconsulting.com. Her email address is: sheella.mierson@sociocracyconsulting.com.