Part 1 of “Riverlogic – Finding Flow in our Conversational Spaces” – Episode #46 of Co-creating Peace


A podcast series about conscious communication and conflict transformation. 

With me is Denise Blanc to share her thoughts on the flow of a river as a metaphor for conversation. This beautiful metaphor can help us to better practice conscious communication. 

In her forthcoming book, “Riverlogic – Finding Flow in our Conversational Spaces”, Denise elaborates on this metaphor in each chapter, titling the chapters using various aspects of a river: Current, Confluence, Rivulet, and Riverbank. In today’s episode, we’ll discuss Current and Confluence.

Denise Blanc has over 23 years contributing to the field of Organization Development as a Leadership Coach, Senior Leader and Facilitator.  Her 20 years in a Mindfulness practice deeply informs her life and work.  She is currently completing a book of her work called Riverlogic – Finding Flow in Conversational Spaces.

Make sure to join us next week, when Denise and I will continue our conversation, and focus on Rivulet and Riverbank as metaphors for aspects of conversation in part 2 of “Riverlogic – Finding Flow in our Conversational Spaces”. In the meantime, if you’d like to reach out to Denise, or learn more about her work, you can email her at denise@, or go to