“Deck the Halls, Not Your Relatives” – Episode #45 of Co-creating Peace


A podcast series about conscious communication and conflict transformation. 

Holidays are usually thought of as a time of gathering with family and loved ones, and creating joyful memories. For some families, there is a different experience. Some people find themselves embroiled in family conflict during the holidays, and wishing they could deck one relative or another. Rachel Yarrington joins me to talk about why that is and what we can do about it.

Rachel Yarrington is a certified mediator, ombuds, and licensed mental health professional.  She provides mediation and consultation services to couples, families, and organizations seeking to resolve conflict and repair relationships. To learn more about Rachel’s mediation and consultation services, contact Repair With Rachel at (505) 933-5598 or repairwithrachel@gmail.com. To learn more about her counseling services, contact Albuquerque Family Counseling at (505) 974-0104 or go to: www.albuquerquefamilycounseling.com.