“Walking Through the Blueprint of We” – Episode #33 of Co-creating Peace

A podcast series about conscious communication and conflict transformation. 

In episode #16 – “A Way to Co-create Relationships”, I interviewed Sheella Mierson and Rachel Eryn Kalish about a way to co-create relationships: the “Blueprint of We” process. They described the Blueprint of We and gave examples of how and where it is used. At the end of the interview, I wanted to know more. I am delighted to bring Sheella Mierson back to share more information. This time, rather than my interviewing her, Sheella walks us through the first two components of the Blueprint process, working with Ron Person, who is creating his Blueprint.

In Episode #40, you can hear Part 2 of this process as Sheella and Ron continue their work together, completing Ron’s Blueprint.

To learn more about the Blueprint of We Collaboration Process, and for blueprint templates for different kinds of relationships, visit: www.blueprintofwecalifornia.com.