“The Power of the Positive” – Episode #29

This episode builds upon what I discussed in Episode #14 on re-framing our perspective.

Our experience and perspective of life is dramatically affected – positively or negatively – by what we choose to focus on, how we interpret that, and how we choose to respond. The same is true for our experience and perspective of other people. We make our choices in life based on those interpretations, and we create our reality accordingly.

The Power of the Positive is about focusing on the things that are positive in life, in people, in situations – even in the presence of the aspects we see as detrimental or undesirable in those same things. From that foundation of positive focus, we can experience and perpetuate far more joy and empowerment. We can respond in constructive ways to what life presents us. We can use The Power of the Positive to help us to co-create peace.