“Conflict Is Natural” – Episode #12

In this episode, I am joined by Tim Hicks, a fellow mediator, in Eugene, OR. Our conversation focuses on how conflict is a natural, normal part of life. We explore the concept that it’s not conflict itself that is damaging, but the destructive ways in which people approach conflict.

Tim Hicks has been a conflict resolution professional or “conflict worker” since 1993. From 2006 to the end of 2014, he was the first director of the Masters degree program in Conflict and Dispute Resolution at the University of Oregon. He has been back in private practice since 2014, helping individuals and organizations communicate, problem-solve, and make decisions, and continuing to teach. Tim is the Author of “Embodied Conflict: the neural basis of conflict and communication”, which is available on Amazon.

To learn more about Tim and his work, visit his website at: www. connexusconflictmanagement.com